Group fitness sessions are performed with a group of five or more individuals focused on various disciplines, led by our well-trained instructors.  Classes strengthen the body, have uplifting and fun music to nourish the mind, body and soul, and good fellowship to keep you motivated and determined.  All formats are designed and coached by certified fitness professionals trained to show clients of all fitness levels how to execute moves safely for maximum benefit.  The target market is the everyday non-coached individual to the elite athlete. 

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Members will be trained and taught to work at their challenge level. All classes will be multi-level. Movement variations will be provided to meet the needs of every client. The focus of this segment will be all skill related components: speed, agility, flexibility, quickness, reaction time, balance, technique, and power. The members will experience an increase in fitness related components such as strength, endurance, cardio respiratory, flexibility, stability, and body composition.  Limited class schedule to begin, and as demand grows so will the schedule of group fitness classes.  Group fitness classes will include, kickboxing, total body workouts, varying levels of aerobics, circuit training, interval training, Pilates, strength training, and more. Group fitness classes are included in the monthly club membership fee structure.