At Fit4Life Health and Fitness Gym you will discover all the ways to reach your body’s maximum performance level, reach and maintain your ideal weight for a healthy and well lifestyle, and learn how to eat a well-balanced diet.  Whether you want to challenge or change, burn or maintain, become more mindful or flexible, we’ve got the class that’s perfect for you. Through our total fitness classes and programs, you will learn how to create your healthiest life.  You will train with us, get results and transform.



Not just about exercise!  To reach your total fitness goals, you need to know the factors that are inter-linked and naturally affect each other, which embodies the entire concept of health, wellness and total fitness.

  • EMOTIONAL – looking after how we feel, respecting self and others
  • SOCIAL-  How well can you get along and cope with others?
  • PHYSICAL – The ability to cope with physical demands
  • NUTRITIONAL – Eating a healthy, balanced diet
  • MENTAL - Thinking positively about self, others and your community
  • SPIRITUAL – Belief system that guide your morals, values and attributes

Sharing one of my most favorite definitions:

The improvement upon various physiological factors using a variety of training types.  These improvements lead to the ability to perform any task with little difficulty. Total Fitness also incorporates the conscious decisions an individual makes to be a healthy person from the inside out.