Live Well Maxwell is focused on the importance of healthy living and fitness as a lifestyle, from the “whole” person perspective.  We focus on personal and group physical fitness training; nutrition and health coaching and we help people of all age groups and walks of life, get healthy, eat well and remain Fit4Life.  We encourage people to pursue physical and spiritual fitness so they can achieve successful, life-changing transformations from the inside out and fulfill their life's purpose. 

Felicia Maxwell of Live Well Maxwell at Fit 4 Life Gym

We focus on fitness training; educating, coaching and helping people get healthy, and remain Fit4Life, by teaching the importance of physical and spiritual fitness. We encourage people to pursue physical and spiritual fitness because it gives wisdom beyond the mind’s ability.  Just like physical fitness, spiritual fitness is a daily, ongoing process.  When physically and spiritually fit, you grow stronger mentally and emotionally.  We provide health and fitness classes and solutions for residents and visitors of all age groups, and all walks of life.  Through exercise, motivation, encouragement, fellowship, fun, nutrition guidance and health and education workshops, we facilitate the diversity of individuals’ health and fitness goals.  We realize everyone has different needs, goals, and the will to be fit, but unsure or not motivated enough to reach fitness goals.  We know how to build physical, spiritual and mental toughness, and help you stay encouraged and motivated!

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