We believe total fitness is more than just physical.  We are concerned with the health and fitness of the physical body, soul and the spirit of a person.  Our mission is to meet the diversity of goals, needs and priorities of every client by improving their quality of life, encouraging physical, spiritual, mental fitness, emotional and promoting healthy living in a community environment. We create a variety of programs to challenge participants to reach their personal best regardless of their fitness level and background.  We coach, train, serve and bring clarity and innovation in an evolving industry with professionalism, dignity and high ethical standards.

We bring health, wellness, effective fitness, faith, fun and athletics together based on programming and choreography we have developed. Programs are led by certified trainers who are ready physically and spiritually, and have a heart to serve others.  Together, we will reach those who have been left out and overlooked, in search of a safe, caring, judgmental free environment where they can improve their total fitness, spirit, soul and body, and stay motivated and encouraged.


The key to any successful wellness plan starts and ends with the mind.  A successful wellness plan is not just a work-out, it's a work-in.



Taking care of your outside means taking care of your inside.  A balanced and healthy diet gives our bodies energy for the day.


Successful training doesn't happen by accident - it takes a thought out plan and continued adjustments for our improving bodies!



I personally understand the benefits of exercise, clean eating, and total fitness, but it has not always been that way. For 10+ years I was in an emotionally, physically and mentally abusive relationship, which attacked my motivation, confidence, self-esteem, and had me on high blood pressure medication at the age of 22. After years of asking my abusive boyfriend if he was going to commit and marry me, I realized the true answer was “no.” On my college graduation day, I “woke-up and smelled the coffee” when I heard my boyfriend tell my godparents that he did not know if he had plans to marry me. That same night, while he was away bowling, I called my Godparents, and they prayed me through as I packed up as much stuff as possible, and never looked back. During the last three years with that boyfriend, my weight went from 135 pounds to 175 pounds. The day I left, my new journey began.

The next morning, I looked in the mirror and did not like who and what I saw. I joined a gym, gave my life to God, and focused on a better “me.” The more I exercised and the better I ate, the better I felt. I put God first, became addicted to exercise and clean eating, and, thus, the passion for fitness began. I was transforming from the inside out. I begin to have a desire to learn about the different muscle groups, anatomy, physiology, kinesiology and the psychology behind exercising. I studied and received several training certifications. I have made clean eating and exercising a lifestyle. I have minor setbacks, but I dust myself off and start over. I really do not know how to “not” workout. I choose to “eat clean” 80-85% of the time. I feel better, less sluggish, stronger, healthier, and less fatigued. I believe people should be educated on the importance and benefits of proper nutrition and exercise to eliminate, minimize and reduce the chance of disease. Knowing is half the battle.  Dedication, focus, commitment and consistency are key.

I want to help others because I have seen and been through a lot over the years. Getting my life right with God, exercising, and eating clean changed and saved my life. I will never be the same: I came out of low self-esteem; my life has transformed from the inside out. I want people to realize that it is not, and does not have to be, complicated. It is truly a mindset/lifestyle change. You do not have to suffer. Just do it! I am passionate to share the benefits and importance of total fitness. You can achieve joy, peace, and health. Join me on this wonderful journey!